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We make food look so delicious, you could almost taste what’s on the plate.

Professional Food Stylist in Manila, Philippines

Food visuals have become the main gateway to new food discoveries. Some of the best dishes we’ve eaten were not the most visually-appealing, but they were extremely satisfying.

We are experts in crafting effective food content that are both visually and gastronomically pleasurable. We partner with restaurants, food brands, and anyone looking into selling a food service or business through food styling, prop styling, and recipe development based in Manila, Philippines.

Plate This is founded by Manila-based food stylist Shen Mascariñas. Apart from running her own company, she also currently works as the head food stylist of Photokitchen Food Photography Studios, one of the pioneering studios for food photography in the country.


Plate This partners with clients who want to increase their audience’s engagement through creative recipes and mouthwatering dishes.

Basic Food Styling

Premium Food Styling

Prop Styling

Recipe Development

Food Styling

We live in a generation that eats with its eyes. Food visuals have become the main gateway to new food discoveries.

Recipe Development

We make delicious and aesthetically appealing dishes whipped up specifically for your brand’s audience.

Wagyu Cubes with Sesame Steak Sauce & Swiss Potatoes 

Client: The Marketplace

Halo Halo Crepe 

Client: The Marketplace

Gangnam Corn Dogs

Client: CDO Idol Cheesedog

Cheesedog Enchiladas

Client: CDO Idol Cheesedog

Candied Bacon Twists

Client: CDO

Bacon Mac & Cheese

Client: CDO

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